Alkaline Water

The theory regarding alkaline water in a nutshell is that alkaline (ionised) water is a powerful antioxidant. It is claimed that alkaline water can correct excess acidity in body tissue and is a cure for a wide range of medical conditions including cancer and degenerative diseases such as arthritis. It is also believed that alkaline water can even slow aging.

There was a time when many health enthusiasts recommended alkaline water as healthy water. However, opinions change with time and with new knowledge through series of research and development. That’s why we at Blöndal, encourage you to be very careful when it comes to something as fundamental as the water you drink on a daily basis! The consumption of alkaline water – water that is artificially high in alkaline, through the process of ionisation can really cause major damage to your body.

What Exactly Is Alkaline Water?

Ionised water, or alkaline water, is water that has been separated into alkaline and acid portions, using electrolysis. Alkaline water is ionised water that has a pH value greater than 7.

The Risk Of Drinking Alkaline Water

In early 1950s, Japanese researchers believed and proposed that alkaline water with a pH greater than 9.0 could offer relief to sufferers of gastric hyperacidity. However, as we now know (from modern evidence provided through chemistry and physiology), this belief was later proven to be misplaced.

Each time you drink artificially-high in pH alkaline water (“ionised” water), your stomach is forced to produce extra acid to counteract the dilution of the normal acid level in the stomach caused by the presence of access alkaline. This constant alkaline assault to the body (from alkaline water consumption) can result in disrupted digestion in a previously healthy digestive tract

Blöndal And Alkaline Water Filters

Blöndal water filtration systems effectively trap contaminants and particles larger than 0.01 micron from the water supply while dissolved salts and minerals freely pass through. For normal digestion, a pH measurement in the range of 7.35 – 7.45 is required. The use of solid charcoal filters – as those used in Blöndal systems – yields alkaline water within these critical guidelines level. This water is refereed to as “slightly” alkaline.

Blöndal offers a large range of water filtration systems, suited for almost any requirement, providing you with clean, tasty and healthy alkaline water; water with alkalinity level which is best for your body.

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