Fontan Office

Whenever you need it, Fontan Office, a powerful facility with clever design, can deliver corporate office water that is free of hazardous germs and viruses at cold, hot, and room temperatures.

Gain In Employment Productivity And Efficiency

Concerned about the quality of drinking water in your office?

Let an office filtration system from Blöndal put your mind at ease!

Water purification through the use of facility-based water filtration technology is a global- and industry- recognised viable and highly-practical mode of water treatment. The primary benefit of having an office filtration system is that it provides you with peace of mind that the water you are drinking is clean and essentially free of contaminants. It is better than distilled water where the taste is often gone. A healthful drinking water source for your workplace translates into quantifiable, cost-effective business gains in employment productivity and efficiency, as well as the “wellness” factor afforded your work colleagues.


Multi-Filter Structure

Stage 1

5 Micron Sediment Filter

Stage 2

1 Micron Sediment Filter

Stage 3

Activated Carbon Filter

Stage 4

UF Membrane Filter 0.01 Micron

System Features

Long-term cost savings

Since you would no longer need to pay for monthly deliveries of water bottles


No need to schedule bottled water deliveries and administrate those monthly payments


Doing away with the need to change bottles in bottle dispensers, or stock large quantities of heavy water bottles


Heating System


Cooling System

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