Great Performance & Manoeuvrability dry vacuum cleaner

Compact & Effective Vacuum Cleaner

The VTVe is a powerful, little tub vacuum with an A energy rating. Nursing homes, workplaces, and educational establishments all benefit greatly from this dry tub vacuum. The small design of the VTVe features brush and crevice tools for better cleaning in restricted and difficult-to-reach spaces.

  • UK Technology and design
  • Power Efficient & Robust 
  • Top Quality

CE Certified

Product Features

Slim and compact design that incorporates innovative functionalities

3-stage filtration

Detailed Cleaning

Tidy cable wrap


HEPA 13 Filter

High filtration

Weighing only 6kg

Ideal for cleaning jobs

Optional accessories

Detail cleaning and hard to reach areas

11.5 litre capacity

Inclusive of HEPA 13 fleece bag

Quick and Easy

Cord replacement system

Handy wand holder

Convenient machine storage

Product Support Videos

This video demo how to:

  • Assemble the machine
  • Use the machine
  • Carry out basic aftercare

This video demo how to:

  • Undertake daily maintenance for your machine
  • Perform basic troubleshooting checks if you have a problem with your machine