Whenever you need it, HYGGE, a super-capacity air purifier equipped with the latest and most advanced technology.

Customized & Zero Clear HEPA(H14) Filter

HEPA stands for “high efficiency particulate air”. HEPA filters are generally used in hospital buildings, operating theatres and clean rooms and are effective in capturing almost every size particles including viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold and allergens including extremely fine particles (PM2.5)

The Blondal Air purifiers has a 4 -stage filtration system including  the top of the range HEPA 14 capable of providing filtration rate of 99.95 % to 99.997%

30-40% of Malaysians suffer from sinusitis allergy from poor indoor air quality

Generally, indoor air in homes and offices is 2 to 5 times more polluted than indoor. Yet on average, we spent approximately  90% of our time indoors and more than 60% is spent at home

Perfect & Compact Design

Slim and compact design provides high space utilization and can be installed in 2 ways (stand-type or wall-mounted type)

Smaller, compact design compared to other products in its class

Users are able to feel the interior effect with the
fabric texture design

Triple Sensor System And Overall Air Quality Indicator System

3 high-performance sensors (odor/light/micro dust) can detect dust and gas, and overall air quality
indicator gives air quality information through 4 different color types)


19.8 m2 (213 sq ft)

Room Coverage

360 x 173 x 360 mm


25 W

Power Consumption

5 KG

Net Weight

156 m3/h

Clean Air Delivery Rate

Floor Standing or Wall Mounted


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