Customized & Zero Clear HEPA(H14) Filter

Effective Air Circulation System

Purify air quickly with 4 air circulation features:

  • Jet Mode
  • Multi Mode
  • Normal Mode
  • Speed Mode

Depending on the user’s and situationhouse environment

1. Jet air circulation

To purify the air in far-off-place

Smaller, compact design compared to other products in its class

2. Multi air circulation

To purify the air a nearby area rapidly and evenly

Don’t worry if your child is actively running around indoors.
All the fine dust in the house is captured by Saker.

3. Normal air circulation

To purify the air in a large space evenly

No problem even in a large communal space like the living room,
where all family members spend a lot of time together

4. Speed air circulation

To purify the air in the whole house

Purifies the entire house from nearby to far-off place when outdoor
air pollution levels are high and also for house cleaning

High-Performance Sensors

3 high-performance sensors (odor/light/laser) can detect dust and gas, and overall air quality indicator gives air quality information through 4 different colors



60.1 m2 (647 sq ft)

Room Coverage

420 x 237 x 723 mm


55 W

Power Consumption

11 KG

Net Weight

468 m3/h

Clean Air Delivery Rate

Floor Standing


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