Blondal, formerly known as Electrolux, has an illustrious heritage that spans 47 years of bringing quality appliances that add value and improve the way of life in Malaysian homes.

Our Story

Our story began with humble beginnings in 1901 when AB Lux Stockholm started as a kerosene lamp manufacturer. The Company expanded rapidly in 1912 when Axel Wenner-Gren developed the world’s first vacuum cleaner. He approached Lux to market his product in Germany and as it claimed a roaring success, further models were developed which resulted in Lux’s venture into mass production. In less than one year, these vacuum cleaners became a household name not only in Germany, but also in France and England.

In 1919, Lux changed its name to Electrolux and in that same year Wenner-Gren took over the business and became the CEO. With his extensive knowledge, vision and entrepreneurial skills, he steered Electrolux into a globally recognised organisation.

Exceptional Quality And Services


It is from this initial global expansion that Blöndal was formed. With a commitment and dedication to promote and encourage a healthier way of living among end-users, Blöndal has boldly established a brand that is highly recognizable for products of exceptional quality and services that goes beyond the call of duty.
Blöndal began its business journey focusing on the sale of a sole product on a door-to-door basis. Over the years, as we grew, we studied and learnt the intricacies of local culture and the complexities of the business environments, researched and implemented strategies that would best suit and serve our target market which ranges from individuals to a larger segment of the community. Our initiatives in innovation to stay in line with the market trend made us a trusted partner among our customers as we have gained significant reputation and achievements with our products that are hassle-free and user-friendly. Apart from that, our approach to being a one-stop-solution in the cleaning industry has gone a long way in building our line of trust and network.