Commercial Filtration System

More Than 47 Years Of Industry Experience

High Quality Commercial Solutions

Well-Established Solution

With more than 47 years of industry experience and a loyal global customer base, Blöndal is proud to have garnered a well-established reputation in delivering high-quality commercial solutions – here in Malaysia and beyond.

Our Technical Capability

Providing Most Feasible Solution and Appropriate Equipment​

In consultation with our clients and based on our years of experience and extensive knowledge, we take the liberty in recommending the most feasible solution and appropriate equipment that would meet the varying requirements across various industries. In so doing, we are able to provide our customers with soundly-engineered solutions that would be more applicable to their specific systems’ objectives as well as a satisfaction that goes beyond expectations.

Commercial Projects Gallery

We provide a range of commercial POINT OF ENTRY water filters which are tailored for condominiums, resorts, small and medium size factories