Customised Water Filtration Systems

Providing Soundly-Engineered Solutions

How Does It Work?

In consultation with our customers, we study the nature of their industry, study the methodology applied in their operations and provide recommendation in terms of appropriate equipment and the most feasible filter combination to meet varying elimination requirements. And in doing so, we are able to provide our customers soundly-engineered solutions that meet specific system’s objectives.


Qualified And Experienced Engineers

Our engineers at Blöndal are qualified and experienced in supplying your company or business with customised water purification and filtration system that addresses your concerns in regards to safe and cost-efficient water consumption, here in Malaysia.

Specific Water Purification Needs

Blöndal Industry’s strengths lies in our competence and know-how as it relates to the design and construction of industry-leading customised water purification and filtration system for various types of filtration applications. Each system is of course, dimensioned to suit specific water purification needs of our customers.

Well-Established Reputation

With more than 47 years of industry experience and a loyal global customer base, we are proud of our well-established reputation in delivering high-quality commercial solutions – here in Malaysia and beyond.

Different Types Of Customised System On Offer

The technical capability of our customised filtration system includes the removal of arsenic, lead and heavy metals. Various areas of application include ships, yachts, hotels and resorts, industrial processes, pharmaceuticals, beverage manufacturing, electronic industry, municipalities, agricultural settings, food processing applications, medical and residential.

Practical, Affordable And Accessible

Provide Useful And Current Information

Our intent is to provide you – our prospective clients – with useful, current information on the importance of water treatment, as it addresses vital health issues, while also presenting you with an informative overview regarding not only the merits of customised filtration system but also relating to how practical, affordable and accessible these systems can be.