Blöndal M3

Advanced Residential Water Filtration System

Blöndal M3

Rust, lead, and Bacteria

Contaminants in Malaysia Tap Water

Tap water in Malaysia, as elsewhere in the world, is polluted with traces of various chemicals, heavy metals, hormones, pharmaceuticals, and more. Besides that, the water travels a long way to reach your tap, and it can again be contaminated with rust, lead, and bacteria, from the ducts and pipes leading to your property. Blöndal advises that you to invest in water filtration and in the use of outdoor water filters.

Compliance with World health Organisation's (WHO) Recommendations

Blöndal and M3 Advanced Purifier

Malaysian water providers comply with the Health Ministry’s regulations to restrict chlorine levels in their water supplies to 0.2-5ppm. The use of outdoor water filters is the clear solution to the need for added protection from higher level of chlorine.

Blöndal’s outdoor water filters are developed to comply with the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendations, guaranteeing a high standard of water filtration. The WHO, as mentioned, recommends 0.2 ppm of residual or free chlorine as the safe level for a water supply.

Part of our effort to protect against the build-up of harmful bacteria, THMs and other toxins, Blöndal’s outdoor water filters feature backwashing function for the effective removal of these contaminants; helping to safeguard the Malaysia water supply and more importantly, shielding the water supply of your property.

With a focus on helping to meet Malaysia’s need for clean and safe water, Blöndal specialises in developing and marketing environmentally-friendly outdoor water filters suitable for whole-house use.

Configuration of Filtration System

Blöndal, a pioneer in modular system spanning more than 3 decades, and with continued R&D, has launched its much awaited improved cartridges with "grey" and "black" caps to overcome potential water clogging or leaking. In response to the feedback from our valued customers, Blöndal has since stopped using its old version of cartridges with "blue" or "green" caps.

Blöndal M3 Ultra-Filtration Membrane

Polypropylene Filter

With integration of Polypropylene Filter, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) in Blöndal M2 and an additional Ultra Filtration Membrane (UF) in Blöndal M3, the advanced system is now able to effectively filter dirt particles up to 0.01 micron including viruses and bacteria while preserving essential salts and minerals.

Blöndal Modular Series - Polypropylene Filter

GASS Filter

Garnet, anthracite, fine quartz sand and coarse quartz sand filter. (25 to 1 micron) With up to three times the dirt holding capacity, it sieves coarse suspended contaminants’ particles and large amount of turbidity.

Blöndal Modular Series - Granular Activated Carbon

GAC Filter

GMS, Activated Carbon and KDF. Effectively removes bad taste, odour and prevents all organic compounds to freely react with chlorine that form Trihalomethane (THM).

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Blöndal M3

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