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Why Outdoor Water Filters Are Essential?

Outdoor water filters – known in the industry as, Point-Of-Entry (PoE) water filters – are characteristically installed at a property’s main water supply connection point. Once in place, they are able to trap sediment before it enters your property’s indoor water supply; not only safeguarding your health, the use of outdoor water filters will even help protect clothing and fixtures, and extend the life of your appliances.

The water supply in Malaysia contains chlorine, as a disinfectant. The Malaysian population is constantly told by the health authorities that chlorine is essential, particularly if the water is not for drinking. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 0.2 ppm of residual or free chlorine as a safe level for a water supply. Blöndal has, however, often measured chlorine levels of 2-4 ppm, in the Klang Valley; which is 10-20 times the recommended level!

Outdoor Water Filter Protects Against Excess Chlorine

The presence of chlorine in the water supply has, without a doubt, an important function, but excessive chlorine levels should be reduced; as high levels of chlorine are harmful to our health.
For example, new studies show that exposure to potentially cancer-causing trihalomethane (THMs), a by-product of excess chlorine in water, is more likely to occur during taking a shower; as opposed to when drinking water. Public health researchers from America’s University of North Carolina report that THMs can, at times, get into the bloodstream, during shower-taking, at levels four times greater than THM levels in tap water. Dr. Riddle, Ph. D., of the Kemysts Laboratory, also warns that “chlorine can destroy protein in the body and cause adverse effects on skin and hair”.
Without the aid of proper outdoor water filters, inhaling the steam produced from hot showers (and even from hot baths) are now proven to be 4-100 times more dangerous than drinking the water, other research shows. How so? The chlorine evaporates into the air and is then absorbed through inhalation, and also through your pores; making the use of outdoor water filters imperative to prevent excessive chlorine from entering your property’s water supply.

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How Do Outdoor Water Filters Work?

A quality outdoor water filter eliminates chlorine, chlorination by-products, dirt and other various particulates from municipal water supplies. Outdoor water filters are designed to be installed directly onto your property’s main water entry point, facilitating the removal of contaminants from the entire water supply; throughout your house or business. The use of an outdoor water filter guarantees that each and every fixture in your property is supplied with clean, filtered, de-chlorinated water.

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