Customized & Zero Clear HEPA(H14) Filter

Perfect & Compact Design

Slim and compact design provides high space utilization and can be installed in 2 ways (stand-type or wall-mounted type)

Smaller, compact design compared to other products in its class (Performance-wise)

Users are able to feel the interior effect with the fabric texture design

Quiet Study Mode with Wells New Technology

The quietest space in my house is carefully cared and optimized for study rooms and bedrooms

Reduces noise, while discharging more purified air

It can keep its fan activating at 28dB, quieter than a library

Triple sensor system and overall air quality indicator system

3 high-performance sensors (odor/light/micro dust) can detect dust and gas, and overall air quality indicator gives air quality information through 4 different color types)

How clean is the air we breathe?

Blöndal is a recognised leader in the design and manufacturing of premium air purifier in Malaysia. 

19.8 m2(213 sq ft)

Room Coverage

360 x 173 x 360 mm


25 W

Power Consumption


Net Weight

156 m3/h

Clean Air Delivery Rate

Floor Standing or Wall Mounted


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