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Years of hardwork and strong willpower

Our Story

Our story began with humble beginnings in 1901 when AB Lux Stockholm started as a kerosene lamp manufacturer. The Company expanded rapidly in 1912 when Axel Wenner-Gren developed the world’s first vacuum cleaner. He approached Lux to market his product in Germany and as it claimed a roaring success, further models were developed which resulted in Lux’s venture into mass production. In less than one year, these vacuum cleaners became a household name not only in Germany, but also in France and England. In 1919, Lux changed its name to Electrolux and in that same year Wenner-Gren took over the business and became the CEO. With his extensive knowledge, vision and entrepreneurial skills, he steered Electrolux into a globally recognised organisation.

Exceptional quality and services

Blöndal Group

It is from this initial global expansion that Blöndal Group was formed. With a commitment and dedication to promote and encourage a healthier way of living among end-users, Blöndal Group has boldly established a brand that is highly recognizable for products of exceptional quality and services that goes beyond the call of duty.

Blöndal began its business journey focusing on the sale of a sole product on a door-to-door basis. Over the years, as we grew, we studied and learnt the intricacies of local culture and the complexities of the business environments, researched and implemented strategies that would best suit and serve our target market which ranges from individuals to a larger segment of the community. Our initiatives in innovation to stay in line with the market trend made us a trusted partner among our customers as we have gained significant reputation and achievements with our products that are hassle-free and user-friendly. Apart from that, our approach to being a one-stop-solution in the cleaning industry has gone a long way in building our line of trust and network.

Our Icon

Taken from Blöndal’s founder’s family heritage that goes back over 1150 years in Iceland, the polar bear icon symbolises the corporation’s quiet strength in spirit and determination to lead and guide those in our influence towards a better future.

our Vision

Our vision is to become the premier brand of home and business appliances that promotes, encourages and contributes to a healthier way of life for our end-users.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a healthier way of life for our customers, staff and all those in the circle of our community. We do this by developing, marketing environmentally friendly products that are innovative and ergonomically designed. We will also continuously strive to excel in new technologies, yet not forgetting profitability to ensure prosperity for all who contributes. It is also our mission to play an active role in our society at large.

40 Branches across Malaysia and Brunei

We believe in hard work and strong willpower

Today, after 40 years of hard work and strong willpower to provide homes and business entities with products that would sustain a healthier way of life, we have fostered the support of over 1000 strong sales network and over 40 branches across Malaysia and Brunei.

Founder's Family Heritage Name

Blöndal's Unique Identity

Blöndal derives from the founder’s family heritage name and reflects a brand that abides to family sentiments and practice of living a hygienic and healthier lifestyle which are born within the family sphere. In a nutshell, Blöndal is a brand that is devoted to making homes, commercial buildings and industries more hygienic, healthy and consequently, more productive by being the leading provider of high quality and cost effective water purification and filtration system, cleaning equipment and machines.

After-Sales Service

Nationwide Maintenance Network

Besides Our First-Class Products

Strong After-Sales Service

Besides the high quality and superior features of its products, Blöndal is also backed by a strong after-sales service and maintenance network, nationwide – from professional water consultants, to plumbers, installers and technical engineers. The Blöndal team will ensure that your water is safe.

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The Blöndal range of products is affordable and is excellent value for money. Ask about our Easy-Payment Schemes, our Interest-free Installment Plans (with various credit card companies), or hire purchase.

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